Paying Money to NAAO

The National Payments Corporation of India and the Reserve Bank of India have come up with one of the largest payments platform in the world – UPI. In our endeavor to become a cashless society, we are are integrating the new payments platform to our NAAO website.

About UPI

Unlike other payment systems like Credit/Debit Card transactions, NEFT transactions etc., which involve different card network companies, or different banks and hence transaction charges, UPI is a single window clearance system. UPI does not require complete bank details for a transaction it can be done just using Aadhar Number or mobile number or a virtual ID. UPI has been made Available by NPCI through BHIM (BHarat Interface for Money) app which is available on Play Store.

Using BHIM for Payments to NAAO

NAAO has integrated UPI payments to it’s core. When you purchase Donation Coupons, Registration Coupons etc. on NAAO, you will be presented with a page with NAAO account details as well as a UPI Payment link along with a QR Code. The same will also be emailed to you. If you are doing the purchase on a Desktop/Laptop computer, you can open BHIM app on your mobile, touch the “Scan & Pay” button on the top right corner and point your mobile camera towards the QR code on the computer screen. All the transaction details will be captured by the APP, simply confirm the payment and enter your UPI PIN and you are done. If you are Doing the transaction on a mobile phone on which BHIM app is installed, no need to scan, simply tap the QR Code, it will open your BHIM app (only if installed) and fill all the transaction details. If the BHIM app does not capture the transaction details due to some error, please exit the BHIM app and tap the RQ code again. All you need to enter are — the app pin and UPI PIN. That’s it. You have made your contribution towards making NAAO cashless.

Alternatives to BHIM (NPCI)

Although BHIM is the app provided by NPCI, several other apps exist, mostly from banks and a few from third parties which all share the same secure library. These may also be used. Currently the BHIM app by NPCI is called BHIM NPCI and UPI apps by other banks are called BHIM <bank name>.

  1. PhonePe
  2. Google Tez
  6. BHIM Canara Bank
  7. etc.

Detailed Procedure for Registration or Donation

  • Browse the event calendar on NAAO website –
  • On the desired event, click on tickets link.
  • In the Ticket selection page, select the desired category (Veg | Non-veg or Student | Guest etc.).
  • You can also add donation coupons for the event from the page.
  • Add the ticket(s) and/or donations to the cart.
  • Proceed to checkout page.
  • Place your order, with BACS (Direct Bank Transfer) as payment method (it is the only option and preselected).
  • You will be taken to the order confirmation page displaying bank account details.
    • You can make an UPI payment as discussed abobe by scanning the code or through the link (as applicable) as discussed above.
    • Or you can make NEFT/IMPS transaction equal to the the order amount, but please don’t forget to mention your order id and name in the transaction remarks.

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