Cultural and Evt. Mgmt Cell Meeting 24th Sep

MOM of joint meeting of Cultural Cell and Event Mgmt. Cell

Date- 24th September, 2017
Time- 4 p.m.
Venue- I.G. Park
Topics discussed.
1. As we will get around 4hrs for the cultural programs in the evening,
We have kept around 3hrs for items and 40-45 mins for anchoring and around 20mins for arrangements etc.
2. In 3hrs i.e.180 mins
We are planning for around 25 items in the evening including solo and group events( song, dance, skit, and some other innovative items if possible, 15 solo items and 10 group performances).
3. We have kept maximum 6mins for each event and 15mins for short skit which will be based on our theme for this year.
4 . As discussed in today’s meeting…each and every one will go through the audition process to participate in the cultural program.
5. Process for audition-
We are inviting the participants name, items to present etc. And the last date is 20th oct, 2017 …up to which we will accept the request.
We will decide a date between 25th and 30th Oct for audition and as people will face problem, audition will be in 2 zones ( Bhubaneswar and Sambalpur)
According to selection we will arrange the items accordingly…if many talents will come then we will discuss and try to go for some good grp events as we can’t give everyone chance for solo items.
No last minute entry.
Every member of cultural cell present at the time of audition can give their judgement accordingly we will discuss and finalise
How to fit and where to fit the participant.
6. As discussed today, each and every participants will perform 1 item and we have kept around 5-10 items for the demand of the audiences if time permits.
7. As discussed, the alumni names and respective school names will be announced while calling for their performances.( no specific grp according to regions etc. name will be announced )
8. To avoid the chaotic situation like noise and roaming around stage and as participants can’t enjoy the cultural events..
So for them one specific place in the corner should be alloted where participants can sit, enjoy and can go for their performances according to their turn.
9. As last year in the morning half we have some plan for 30mins cultural programs infrnt of the guest if time perimts
We will try to have some best quality performances within the provided time before the lunch…if we will not get time in the first half…then that programs will be arranged accordingly in the 2nd half.
In the morning half
Navodaya prayer
Patriotic song
And 1 or 2 traditional group dance performances ( if time permits otherwise we will accordingly arrange the programmes in the 2nd half may it be dance or song)
10. As For Sambalpuri song some extra instruments are required…our cultural cell convenor Lipika Das Apa will discuss with the NAAO office.
11. The whole programme will be planned, managed, and organised with the help of the Event Management team…and Event managment team will have their plan how to plan and execute the whole programme…how many volunteers they need?? And Convenor Shantanu Kumar Nandi will discuss with the NAAO office.
Thanks everyone who were present in today’s meeting …thank you for everyones participation and suggestion.
For any event , good and timely planning and execution is important..
So I on behalf of NAAO office invite all your participation and cooperation for the biggest event of the year for navodayans….

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