NAAO is a Navodayan alumni society founded in the year 2016, union of all 31 JNV Alumni Associations present in each district of Odisha in a federal democratic structure.

We are about 30000 alumni from 31 schools from all 30 districts in the state. The organization includes professionals from various walks of life- government officials, social workers, business tycoons, educationists, engineers, IT professionals, medical professionals, teachers, media fellows, artists, sports persons and farmers and so on. We are here together with a motto “to give back to the society selflessly”.


To unite and create a socially conducive and symbiotic platform among all JNV Alumni Associations in Odisha for the betterment of alma-maters, members, and society at large.


The mission of NAAO is to link all JNV Alumni associations in Odisha to develop synergetic plans to help and support all JNV, students, staff, members and society as a whole to achieve its vision, and to enable JNV alumnus add value to society.


    • Establish the spirit of fraternity among all JNV Alumni associations of Odisha by enabling Alumni to engage with its fellow members and its alma-mater at different walks of life – social, cultural, political and economic
    • Provide platform for Alumni to organize themselves in the interest of its alma-mater and the Alumni
    • Securing the co-operation and active support of the Alumni from individual school associations in carrying out the aims and objectives of the NAAO
    • Create synergy among Alumni by establishing different units/wings specializing in their respective endeavors
    • The association will work for educational and social development of the society, state and nation as a whole