Filmmakers can use their creative freedom to choose any theme with a positive social message. Entries broadly related to Navodaya will be given an advantage of 10 points out of 100.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Participant/team lead must be an alumni of Navodaya Vidyalaya
  2. Non-navodayans can be a part of the crew

Language and Subtitles:

  1. The films are allowed to be in any Indian Language.
  2. Filmmakers should send a separate video statement explaining their vision and inspiration behind the film.
  3. Filmmakers may include English subtitles. This may be helpful for accessibility and understanding by a diverse audience.

Submission Format: 

  1. All the submissions should be preferably in .MP4 format (H.264 Video & AAC Audio)
  2. The preferred video length should be between 4 mins and 12 mins.
  3. Maximum file size should be less than 1GB.
  4. All videos should be shot with a minimum of 1920X1080p with 25fps.
  5. Files should be uploaded to cloud storage (Google Drive/iCloud Drive etc.) and link(s) be shared with NAAO office on

Content Guideline:

  1. The content should not infringe on any laws, be defamatory, or encourage criminal behavior. 
  2. It should avoid commercial promotion, animal harm, and infringement of intellectual property rights or privacy rights.
  3. The content should not disturb the public harmony as well as navodayahood.
  4. Strictly prohibit any content promoting communalism, anti-nationalism, anti-social acts, or that could create public disturbances.
  5. The submission needs to have a properly formatted disclaimer at the beginning

Judging Criteria:

  1. The films will be judged based on creativity, originality, technical skill, and content relevance to the themes.
  2. Jury members have all the rights to disqualify any submissions in case the submission violates any of the above parameters.

Distribution and Screening History: 

  1. Films with significant distribution or those that have been screened widely (e.g., on national television or in major festivals or social media platforms like YouTube) might be ineligible for competition to maintain a focus on emerging talents.

Completion Date: 

  1. Films should be recent, not older than 1 year (in case of already available content)

Screening Consent:

  1. Best 3 submissions to be screened on the stage of NAAO Annual Meet 2023-24
  2. NAAO Office has all the rights by default to publish those submissions on NAAO official YouTube channel.

Awards and Prizes: 

  1. Winner: Cash prize of ₹5000/- and trophy
  2. Runner up: Cash prize of ₹2000/- and trophy

Please complete your registration by 24th January, 2024 to participate in the event.

Registration Link:

All the submissions should be sent to by 2nd February, 2024.