NAAO Souvenir 2023-24

Date Extended till 16th January 2024

– Souvenir Committee


Rules for submission of Articles for NAAO Souvenir 2023-24

  1. Language: Odia, Hindi, English
  2. Prose/ Poetry
  3. Theme for this edition of the souvenir is: My JNV Days/ life after JNV. The souvenir can be full of memories or stories/poems related to JNV life. The objective is to spread the positive vibes about JNV and motivate the younger generations.
    However, other subjects are also welcome.
  4. (i). Only one article per person
    (ii). Maximum 3 articles from a school (current students & teachers) can be submitted. In the subject field, please mention the category, followed by the article/poem title (Ex : Odia poetry: poem title)

Below details are to be mentioned in the mail.

Name of author/poet:
Name of JNV:
Year of 12th Pass out:
WhatsApp number:

  1. (i)The maximum length of the article is prose-1500 words, poem-500 words for individuals.
    (ii). A Colour passport size photograph (soft copy)has to be sent along with the article.
  2. The articles should be your own creation and must be an unpublished work. These Contents must be prepared in MS-Word file & ( preferably Akruti font), however Handwritten content can also be sent by good handwriting, Scanned in PDF or JPEG format
  3. All articles to be sent to email id:, no other ways of submission will be accepted.
  4. After submission, write a line to whatsapp no. 9437591599, you will receive a confirmation on email and whatsapp
  5. The final date of submission of articles with photos etc. is 16th January, 2024.
  6. In all the matters related to selection of articles and final date of submission, the decision of the souvenir committee shall be final and binding.
  7. Article can be submitted by
    i. Alumni of JNVs of Odisha

ii. All 31 Schools (Current Students & Teachers through Principal) (from Students 2 Best writings can be sent per School)

iii. District Associations are also invited to send a write-up and photograph with description sharing their success stories &/or annual reports/Works/Activities/ experience or their journey so far. For enquiry, feel free to Call on 9437591599

Thank you
Souvenir Team