Objectives and Activities

Every year, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, the country’s leading institute, produces the best scientists, engineers, and technologists in a variety of fields. Students migrate to different regions of the country and the world after graduating from the Institute in quest of an opportunity to settle in their careers. Unless they are linked through a shared platform, in an informal environment of friendship and belonging, they risk losing track of the Institute’s creamy layers of society and losing the relationship forever. The Alumni Association was founded with three goals in mind: to maintain a continuous link to renew and refresh relationships with Alumni members and the Institute at all times, and to act in the best interests of its Alma Mater.

Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians, Academicians, Researchers, and Managers in a variety of professions have graduated from the institute. They constitute a powerful ‘Think Tank’ and ‘Knowledge Bank’ when they work together. It is an honor for the Association to bring them together and to be a member of this group.

The Alumni Association’s main goal is to bring together the best talent pool of scientists, engineers, technologists, mathematicians, academicians, researchers, and managers from all over the world under one roof with the goal of harnessing their potential for the benefit of the Society and the country. The Association also attempts to bring members together and assist them in connecting with one another and the Institute in order to further the Institute’s goals and assist in its growth.


The Association is to create a pool of excellent Alumnae in many professions from throughout the world and to use their talents wherever they are needed for the common benefit. These exceptional Alumni members will be notified by frequent messages on our website, as well as postal reminders to keep engaged at all times.

On this matter, a core committee is being formed to work with the members. More information will be provided once committees to operationalize the plan are formed.


The Association will identify organizations/institutions that can assist students in launching a highly successful career (of their choosing) by giving input from successful members through mentoring/counseling sessions and professional training programs.


The Alumni Association believes in rewarding and recognising dedicated/deserving students and faculty members. The Association has devised a strategy to bestow honors on deserving students and committed faculty members in order to encourage and promote excellence in their fields of study.


“You reap what you sow.”

In keeping with the preceding quotation, the Alumni Association believes in instilling a culture of scientific thinking in school-aged youngsters in rural regions to help and expose them to careers in science and engineering. Rural India is still plagued by blind beliefs and superstitions about the truths of nature that lack appropriate logical thinking. The decline of reasonable reasoning and thinking among young brains has resulted from their development in such an environment of blind beliefs. The group thinks that instilling a culture of logical thinking in school-aged children would help them become more exposed to reasoning and acquire scientific temperaments at a young age, allowing them to confront more difficult tasks.


The Association’s goal is to collaborate with faculty, department, and division heads on initiatives that will benefit all parties concerned. The Association intends to host networking events with stakeholders on a regular basis in order to assist students get the most out of their projects, internships, placements, consulting, and entrepreneurial opportunities, among other things. Maintaining a student-centered approach.


The Association’s goal is to bring members together on a shared platform where they may participate in social and cultural events. Such social and cultural events assist in fostering a sense of connection to the Alma Mater among its members.